Carolina Coach Collection

The current upswing in the collector car market has brought a new generation of collectors to the table. Through nationwide broadcasted auctions and incredible sales results, the general public is starting to get a glimpse of the investment potential certain collector marques carry. These days it is not uncommon to see automobiles selling in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, a scrutinizing eye is now more valuable than ever. Carolina Coach Collection came about with Tim Lingerfelt and Chris Carlsen as a means to assist a potential buyer towards making wise investments through incisive decisions. Automobiles, being tangible objects, provoke feelings of passion, obsession, and fascination. As such, the decision to think with your intellect instead of your infatuation can become quite a challenge. If you have a certain vehicle in mind, give Carolina Coach Collection the opportunity to assist you in finding a wealth producing investment that satisfies your desire. If you’ve already found what you believe is the perfect candidate, let us evaluate the vehicle for your consideration. At Carolina Coach Collection, it really is all about providing the collector with value!


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