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The Barn Find 911

You never really know what you will find in a barn. From memorabilia that elicit feelings of nostalgia to every-day tools and supplies, there's no limit to what you can find stored away within its walls, and this 1966 Porsche 911 Coupe reinforces the very wonderment of barn finds.

After we took this '66 911 Coupe under our wing, we had it refinished in Concours-level Polo Red lacquer. Its coat beautifully accents its smooth, black interior. All of the numbers on this model are matching, and it was an early production '66 model that was included with rare Solex carburetors.

Since 1980, this sizzling 911 Coupe has had two owners, and even after spending a spell in the barn, it emerged as an extremely original survivor. It's rust-free with no accidents and zero replacement panels of any kind.

The story of this 911's discovery is unique in and of itself, and its thorough, detailed restoration is just as special. Our team maintained its authenticity and carefully preserved its original interior and carpets, glass, and trim, among other parts. All of the chrome is original as well.

This 911 is the what dreams are made of, and we're here to turn your dream into your reality.


Engine type
Body color
Polo Red
Engine size
2.0 Liter
4 Speed Manual
Seat material