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The '64 356 Shell

Only a shell of its former self, this 1964 Porsche 356 C body is the perfect donor for your quest to restore a 356 Outlaw. This Coupe only comes with the body itself, no glass interior or suspension components. If you look closely, you can see that fine craftsmanship and fabrication have been applied to allow for the installation of the famed 911 engine and transmission.

We acquired this shell from a gentleman who passed away before he could finish this masterful project. He restored a plethora of cars over his lifetime, and his memory will live on through this final enterprise. Prior to his passing, the shell was painted and modified 15 years ago and has no signs of rust.

Within the body, mounts intended to contain a 911 engine and transmission are welded on, so this potential 356 Outlaw is eagerly awaiting its destiny. This shell is the first piece of the puzzle that you need to make your restoration dreams a reality.


Engine type
Body color
Light Blue
Engine size
No Engine
No Transmission
Seat material