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The Incognito Carrera

Long ago, hidden within a disheveled race shop in the Northeast US, this 1957 Porsche Speedster was unearthed; a diamond in the rough. Since its discovery, the Speedster's origin story has been cloaked in a mystery that is still in the process of being solved today, piece by piece.

After subsequent investigations, one confirmed revelation was that the legendary Chuck Stoddard had bought the car within the 1960s, following an unpaid restoration deposit that was turned into a mechanic's lien. Stoddard re-issued the Speedster with an Ohio Title.

Stoddard advertised it in "Panorama" as a 1957 Carrera Speedster with the following details: “No rust, no engine, no bumpers, no top; body basically very good, a worthy restoration project.”

Only a shell of its former self, the Speedster body was purchased by Don Alf, who was an avid collector of 4-cam automobiles. Alf emphasized the peculiar nature of the car after noticing several clues of original Orange paint and the factory provisions for the installation of a 4-cam engine: the trademark of a Carrera. The work done on the Speedster was clearly completed by the Porsche factory and not an aftermarket company.

The Speedster remained under Alf's wing over a period of 44 years, and the final configuration of the model that was installed was a crisp 2.0-litre 4-Cam Vernon Crottz engine.

When we purchased the Speedster from Alf, he educated us on its mysterious history and the extensive research he has conducted throughout his lifetime to uncover the story of its origin. We furthered the investigation and discovered information that has led us to an unconfirmed belief that this sensational Speedster was first sold to Ben Pon of the Netherlands. Pon's signature color for his cars was the Orange that we've discovered to be the original color of the Speedster before it was repainted in red.

Our plans during the intricate, thorough restoration of this Speedster include equipping it with a GT engine lid, GT fuel tank, and GT panels–signature Porsche racecar parts.

While the restoration of this work of art continues, you have the opportunity to purchase this Speedster and express your preferences prior to its completion As we are working hard to uncover the story of its past, you can play a role in the story of its future, continuing the legacy of this unique incognito 'Carrera'.

The photos included with this model showcase the restoration process so far as of May 2017, and you can see where Ben Pon's signature Orange color is seen. We are attempting to track down the owner of the red GT lid that came with the car as post-production addition. It serves as evidence that Alf needed extra cooling for the 4-Cam engine. When Stoddard advertised the car in the 70s, there was no motive to be misleading about its details. We are a company that is dedicated to the historical significance of every car and part that we attain, and we are doing everything in our power to return separate parts to their rightful owners.

Today, our mission is to uncover the story of its origin so we can restore this Speedster to its original magnificence–from the body to the spark plugs. Each new piece of the puzzle reinforces just how special this Speedster is; it's the special kind of car that only increases in value after purchase; it's the incognito 'Carrera'.


Engine type
Body color
Engine size
1600 cc
4 Speed Automatic
Seat material