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Collector Edition Corvette

1982 Collector Edition Corvette from Carolina Coach Collection

In 1982, Chevrolet made the controversial decision to add cross-fire injection to its Corvette. As time went by, Chevy had to dial back the production numbers of that model in those years due to its unfruitful outcome. However, as history has shown us with the once undesirable '64 and '65 Corvettes that are highly sought after in today's vintage market, the hay day of an automobile can be decades after it first rolled off the assembly line. And that day has come for this 1982 Corvette.

Our '82 Collector Edition Corvette is adorned with special badges that indicate its rarity. This car is very affordable for the dedicated collector as cars like this one near extinction. Their initially low production numbers have ironically increased their collectibility over the years, and now is the time to invest.

The wheels on this Corvette have been revitalized with restoration by a qualified Corvette authority, and the interior is in the process of being freshened up to give it a crisp, clean feel that reflects the preserved nature of its exterior. *Pictures of the interior will be uploaded at the conclusion of that process.


Engine type
Body color
Silver Beige
Engine size
4 Speed Automatic
Seat material